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For Comfort, Confidence & Freedom

The EzFlow Bag is a one of a kind patent pending device that enables a person to discretely conceal the urinary drainage bag safely under clothes.

The EzFlow Bag is completely self-adjustable for maximum comfort and security. Each person will be able to choose from one of 7 different positions to personalize and maximize comfort according to their body type, current activity and comfort needs.

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“You know why this bag is so good? Because I don’t even feel it on my leg.” 

Heriberto Cano, Mexico

“It is very easy to use and not visible under my clothes.” 

Rajamanikam, Kuala Lumpur

“EZ Flow has saved me from so much embarrassment” 

Azimah, Kuala Lumpur

This is a very well designed bag. Solves a lot of problems and looks very comfortable. I hope all my patients can have one.” 

Doctor, Urologist, Kuala Lumpur

The bag has truly made a major impact in my recovery after being diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. It was comfortable, discrete and easy to put on and take off.”

Lau Kim, Kuala Lumpur

“My prior bag had many problems, this support bag has really changed everything”

Abdul Ahmad, Kuala Lumpur

“Using the bag has made it so much easier to move around and it has reduced some pain as the tube doesn’t move so much anymore.”

Tony, New York

“Change is the only constant”


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We also believe no great idea should be held back only by technical execution so we work hand in hand with our partners on everything like funding, prototyping, testings, marketing, expansion and many more.


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