The EzFlow Bag is completely self-adjustable for maximum comfort and security. Each person wearing the bag can choose from one of seven pre-set tube length settings to maximize comfort in accordance with their personal body type, current activity and comfort needs.

The EzFlow Bag also has unique new features that address common health challenges related to the use of CBD devices.

The team at Akaal Innovations has designed the EzFlow Support Garment for compatibility with any kind of 2 litre CBD bag currently used in countries around the world.

The EzFlow Bag enables a person to discretely conceal the urinary drainage bag safely under clothes.

For comfort, confidence and freedom choose EzFlow.

The Problems with the standard catheter bags

  • Visibility of the Catheter Drainage Bag.
  • Lack of confidence and embarrassment.
  • Movement of the drainage tube, irritation and discomfort to the urethra.
  • Poor quality, inadequacy and unreliablity of current leg bags.

  • Short tube length is needed when engaged in outdoor activities while a longer tube length is needed when showering and relaxing at home.
  • Increased risk of infection from frequent changing between night bag and leg bag.
  • Physical and emotional quality of life is disrupted and compromised.

The EZ Flow Solution

A new way of wearing a urinary drainage bag with comfort and confidence.

  • Dramatically reduces the pain of using a catheter

  • Greatly increases comfort
  • Completely stabilizes the bag with multiple tube length options

  • User is empowered to use their urinary drainage bag discretely

  • Maximises mobility and freedom

  • Enhances self-confidence and mental well being
EzFlow Instructions and Video Guide

Below are the instructions of how easy it is to attach EZ flow

Insert the drainage bag securely into EzFlow. Make sure the catheter drainage bag valve is positioned out of the EzFlow opening at the bottom.

Snap both of the EzFlow top buttons securely into the holes provided on the drainage bag. Make sure that the drainage bag is placed flat inside without any folds.

Insert a waist belt through the loop on the top of the EzFlow bag and fasten the waist belt at any desired position. Choose a location and adjust the vertical belt to the most comfortable height.

Fasten both of the leg straps to your comfort.

Fasten the EzFlow tube holder with the drainage tube placed in the middle.

Choose a desired EzFlow tube length setting to ensure the drainage tube is secured and   stabilized for maximum comfort

“Using the bag has made it so much easier to move around and it has reduced some pain as the tube doesn’t move so much anymore.”

Tony, New York

“It is very easy to use and not visible under my clothes.”

Rajamanikam, Kuala Lumpur

“The bag has truly made a major impact in my recovery after being diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. It was comfortable, discrete and easy to put on and take off.”

Lau Kim, Kuala Lumpur

“This is a very well designed bag. Solves a lot of problems and looks very comfortable. I hope all my patients can have one.”

Doctor, Urologist, Kuala Lumpur

“It has saved me from so much embarrassment.”

Azimah, Kuala Lumpur

“You know why this bag is so good? Because I don’t even feel it on my leg.” 

Heriberto Cano, Mexico

“My prior bag had many problems, this support bag has really changed everything.”

Abdul Ahmad, Kuala Lumpur
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