A Bit About Us

At AKAAL INNOVATIONS we are dedicated to solving real life problems and serving those in need with well-designed products at an affordable price. We invite you to join us in support of our commitment to design, develop and deliver the lowest-cost, high quality alternatives for people in developing countries across the globe.

Together, we can create meaningful technology that enhance and transforms lives.

about akaal innovation

Our Logo

Akaal Innovations’ logo was conceived by recognising that the tool to achieve constant growth in our quest to serve is to be present and centred within the space of “what is”. The body, mind and soul reaches out to all elements of existence while the centre remains exactly that…centred.
The logo when looked at with blurred eyes looks like a wheel constantly moving which symbolises our innovations. The team at Akaal Innovations is constantly innovating while working together to serve the world.

Why work with us on your big idea:

We help individuals, companies and organisations design, develop and deliver the best products with the intent to change lives. We PARTNER with you on the journey from the very beginning to the end.

We also believe no great idea should be held back only by technical execution so we work hand in hand with our partners on everything like funding, prototyping, testings, marketing, expansion and many more.


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